S3 Bucket task failing for the CloudApps job

  • 7 June 2022
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I am still learning about commVault and I am trying to fix an issue with a Commvault > CloudApps job which have three buckets as Subclient. Two S3 buckets are backing up ok and the other one getting errors in the specific job history some times [82:129] and some times [19:583] Description: Another backup is running for client [Custom_AWS_S3], iDataAgent [Cloud Apps], Backup Set [defaultBackupSet], Subclient.


I don’t know its anything to do with the credentials used for the S3_EU region but the client readiness checks saying “ready”. I am still struggling to find why two buckets backing up using the same IAM credentials?


So why just one bucket backup task is failing for the job.


Please give me some insight into it.






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@Suj , thanks for the post and welcome!  this is a great place to ask questions and learn 😁

Based on the error, you have 2 jobs running for the same subclient (which can’t happen simultaneously).

If you want, you can make these jobs queue up instead of fail.

In the CommCell Console Control Panel > Job Management > General tab, select Queue jobs if other conflicting jobs are active.

Let me know if you have any questions!