Upgrading (not in-place) existing 2012 environment to 2019

  • 8 July 2022
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Hi all-

I have two commcells (primary and disaster recovery) and 4 media agents (2 primary, 2 DR), al running Windows 2012.  I will be spinning up a new 2019 environment that I plan to run in parallel until I have everything running on 2019 with no issues.  Question: is this the best solution?  I’ve seen a couple of nicely detailed posts here about in-place upgrades but since I am also setting up new media agents in both locations, I figure I’d just spin up a new 2019 server for the Commserve in both locations. 

Does anyone have any pointers or guide on how to do this in the least painful way possible?  I’ve been reading various kb articles as well, but I would love to hear from anyone who’s done this so I can get an idea of what’s ahead of me.  

Thanks everyone.


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You should definitely do it out of place.  The big benefit to going to Win2019 is that a fresh CV install will give you sql 2019.  Doing it in place leaves you vulnerable if anything goes wrong (rare as it might be)
.This updated guide gives you all of the steps for upgrading the CS:

Let us know if you have any questions!




There are some steps in the documentation here - one of the use cases is a hardware refresh of the CommServe.


Good luck!


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Thanks for the replies!!!  This is very helpful.  

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6 months later and I still haven’t performed the upgrade.  Between personal and “other” interruptions it’s taking me forever.  I’m planning to begin in earnest this evening, tomorrow morning at latest. 

The first steps (aside from hardware acquisition and config) is to make sure that the software versions are the same between the existing and the new comcells.  Since it’s time to revisit code upgrade anyway, does anyone have any recommendations beyond 11.25.27?  It’s been stable but I’d like to get pretty current, even if that means 11.30 if anyone has thoughts on that rev.

I’ll be diving into the unknown with this entire thing shortly.  Send snacks!  Or free PS!  ha.