Commvault Service Pack Upgrade

  • 29 February 2024
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How long will an upgrade take when we select “Perform Full DB Maintenance” while installing the upgrade.

3 replies

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Hi @NDP 

It depends on the size of the DB, it can take 30-60mn.

You can run it before you upgrade also as we recommend to run it every 6 months:

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Thank you, Sebastien. 

I am upgrading the CommCell version from CV11 SP30 to CV11 SP32 and the installation was stuck for almost two hours at “installing latest maintenance release”. Wasn't sure if this was due to the DB maintenance that was checked during the installation.

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@NDP ,

It also depends how many packages you need to upgrade also, for exe Media Agent, Webserver…


Now you can check the logs:

  • To help you troubleshoot errors that occur before the installation summary page, check the %allusersprofile%\Commvault Systems\Galaxy\LogFiles\Install.log. If the error occurs after the summary page, check the installation logs in the Software_Installation_Directory\Log Files directory.


For “installing latest maintenance release”, check UpdateInfo.log:

2416   7964   03/01 09:35:24 ###      ##                   InstallUpdates.exe STARTED                    

2416   7964   03/01 09:40:33 ###      Successfully installed updates

My “installing latest maintenance release” was done in 5mn.


Then DB Upgrade was done after that:


For DB Upgrade, check DatabaseUpgrade.log

3220  1ffc  03/01 09:41:51 ### CVDBUPGRADEWRAPPER() - TakeOnlyDBBackup Command Passed

7604  1f0c  03/01 09:49:10 ### DatabaseUpgrade() - Phase [MainUpgrade] completed successfully.

DB Upgrade took 8mn.


Then DB Maintenance ran after that:

8180  18b8  03/01 09:51:20 ### DBUpgrade::runDBMaintenance() - Database Maintenance started for database [CommServ].

8532  12e8  03/01 09:57:10 ### DBUpgrade::runDBMaintenance() - Database Maintenance completed successfully on Database [UsageHistoryDB]


DB Maintenance took 6mn:

I have now upgraded from FR32 to FR34, with DBMaintenance, Media Agent, Webserver and rebooted the machine twice, it took 45mn.


I hope it helps.

Best Regards,