M365 Exchange & OneDrive Outage

  • 30 April 2024
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Hi everyone,

We updated our CommCell from version 11.24 to version 11.32.49 on 20 April. Immediately after the update, the cloud backup (M365 Exchange and OneDrive) still worked, but no longer does. I therefore do not know whether the following problem is related to the update:

The backup of M365 Exchange and Azure no longer works:




We have already recreated the APP including the service account and checked the authorisations in the tenant. We cannot find any errors.

The Commcell, the MediaAgent and the Accessnode all have version 11.32.49 installed.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks & regards



1 reply

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Hello @Pascal K 

Good day,

During an Exchange Online backup using Commvault, EWS APIs are used to request the properties of all mailbox folders.

Getting Error: Failed to process mailbox. error message [Not allowed to access Non IPM folder.]

In Office 365 Exchange Online environments, a service account is not required for backup, restore, and discovery operations of mailboxes. 

A service account is required only for backup, restore, and discovery operations for public folders.

Please Refer

Give the Azure Service Accounts Access to the Exchange Online Mailboxes


Please Remove the service account perform a check readiness and also check the backups.