v11.20 upgrade to 11.28

  • 29 September 2023
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Hi CV Forum. 

Hopefully someone can advise here. I couldn’t find these exact questions in the forum. 

I am going to upgrade from 11.20.172 to 11.28.(latest) and just have a few things I can’t seem to find in the masses of documentation.

Great walkthrough here by Jos on the upgrade procedure to 11.26 and going to be pretty much the same procedure. We are running SQL 2016 and just wondering if anyone has come across the need to update.. I doubt it but couldn’t find it in the reams of documentation. 

Upgrade from version 11.20 to 11.26 (Latest release) | Community (


Also, we are having to maintain some older EOL OS which require v9 and v10 client versions. Has anyone upgraded to 11.28.x and can they confirm they still work? 


Thanks for any advice. 



Best answer by Nutan Pawar G 29 September 2023, 17:09

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The SQL server 2016 is compatible with 11.28. It is not necessary to update the SQL server.


Also, please go through the system requirements for the data that you want to protect

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Thanks Nutan for the information around the SQL 2016, not sure how I missed that so thanks. 

There’s not much relating to older v9 / v10 Commvault Clients (mainly File System clients) working with v11.28.x but I’d imagine they should. I may open a case to confirm that although it might be the case where they just quote the In Support OS etc. 




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Just in case people are doing the same type of upgrade with v10 clients in their environment.. 

I noticed a bunch of backups in the pending state post upgrade to v11.28. Investigating, found a common theme that the clients were v10.7.x, other clients on v9 were backing up ok. Notice v10.10 worked too so upgrade your clients to latest available v10 SP and you should be able to avoid this issue which manifested as a comms problem between Client and CS..