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  • 29 February 2024
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I am dealing with api’s for a project, so I need to see backup job’s that’s why I use this api “http://WebConsoleHostName/webconsole/api/Job” and this api  returns all the jobs in the past one year in CommCell environment. But some jobs are missing, I can not see, How can I see all the jobs ?


6 replies

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Hi @Aylin ,

It should return all the jobs.

Can you explain how do you know some jobs are missing please, you see them in Java/Command Center Consoles?

Is it possible that they were deleted or marked as bad?

Best Regards,


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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi,


We have got a report page, when I search for example “x” server’s backup job’s I can easly find it, however when I try to see from API, I can not find it. I am sure that it is not deleted or etc. 

I use insomnia tool for using api.

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What kind of jobs are we dealing with here? If they aren’t one of the valid appTypeNames that might explain it. 

What type of jobs are you missing via APi? Any specific iDA (ie. Virtual Sever v2)? The more details we have, the better understanding they give and possibility to address the issue.

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Hi again,

When I search from output for some server name, and I know that server has backed up, I can not see the name of server and the jobs, like lastbackuptime etc.

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When I try to   specified searching job history of the client with id. But still I couldn't see some of the server's job history especially virtual servers.