Adding new disks to Media Agent and Data from old disk should be copied what is the best method

  • 22 January 2024
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Hello All,

We have 2 Media Agents where the backend storage is going to be replaced with the advanced storage so that the support is available from storage point of view. We have 2 different libraries from two different media agents. So now my question is how will I move the data from the library to new library within the same media agent. The backups are running continuously and they will be running without any break. 

Let me know if you have reference links or steps to perform these steps.



3 replies

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Hello @McCain BUR Team 

Since you are using the same media agents, use move mount path operation to move the data to the new storage.

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I do not want this option to be used as the disks will be offline and we have continuous backups running.

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Hello @McCain BUR Team

You have to create a new storage policy and associate the new library to it and map all the backups to use the new storage policy and the library so that backups will be using the new mount paths

The data on the old library will be expired once the retention is met.