Adding new Library to deduplication database

  • 17 June 2021
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We have created a new library. we were trying to associate it to an existing deduplication engine (new data path) but its not avaiable.

Can anyone help understand why?




Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 17 June 2021, 16:25

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9 replies

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@STR , thanks for the question!

Quick question of my own:

Is this Storage Policy using a Global Deduplication Policy set somewhere else?  You SHOULD be able to add another library to a Dedupe copy, though iof that copy is subscribed to a Global DDB, then you need to add it to the Global DDB copy, not the child.

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Hello Mike,


Maybe i havent explained myself. Iam trying to add it at the Deduplication engine itself so that is automatically available to the SP using that dedup engine.

As a side nothe, I only have 1 machine (Commserve and MA). 

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@STR , possible we aren’t thinking of the same thing :joy:

Are you trying to add a new Deduplication Database Partition, or add more space for backups (that are deduplicated) go?  Or something altogether different?

Can you share a screenshot of what you are trying to do?


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@STR , following up.  Can you clarify what you are trying to do?  Are you trying to add a new Deduplication Database Partition, or add more space for backups (that are deduplicated) go?  Or something altogether different?

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Hi Mike,


that question is very interesting …


If you have a configured library, you can add as many shares as you need. That will increase you storage/space for that library.


If you do it, you will not be able to select a special storage, in our example a path in the library, for a subclient. In the case behind the pathes there are different storage systems.


To be able to select a storage you need to create a separate library. But if you do it, now you need to create an additional DedupDB, Storage Pool …

The question is, is it possible to add additional library to existing DedupDB?



      |--- DiskLib1

      |--- DiskLib2




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Hey @Sergej , you should be able to add additional libraries to a DDB Storage Policy/Copy, though taking them away becomes a chore since you’ll need to mark them as read only, and seal the store so all the blocks written there age off (which could take a while).

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Hey Mike, sorry I'm not sure I got it right . Can you please explain it in more detail?

I’m not talking about Storage Policy/Copy.




I think that Mike want to advice that we can add new DISK LIBRARY to Copy on Global Ddulication policy (configure new path for data)

But on FR 20 and FR24 I see that we cannot configure second disk library on “data path” tab while we use Global Deduplication Policy/Deduplication Storage Policy


I suggested to You instead add new Disk Library with mount path, You can add this mount paths (new volumes from new disk library) to existing Disk Library. The easy way to increase space for data from deduplication engine.




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That’s part of it; the other part is that when you add a disk resource to a deduplicated Storage Policy/Copy, you will start writing blocks there as jobs run,  However, due to the nature of deduplication, many future jobs will reference these blocks for as long as the store is not sealed.

If you ever want to REMOVE this disk resource, you’d have to seal the store, disable it for write, and wait until the jobs all age out.  There are other methods like creating an aux copy, promoting it, etc. but all of these options require effort and time.

Just make sure whatever you add to the dedupe copy intends to stay there :grin: