Any awareness on auxcopy to AWS in China - HOW TO?

  • 21 February 2022
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We have a Media Agent located in China and business need is to aux copy primary data to AWS cloud. What way this can be achieved. I am looking for information more on traffic management because there is not straght forward way to migrate data from first copy to AWS cloud. 


Note: I know technical step to setup auxi copy in normal scenario. 


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Hi @VVM and welcome to our Community !

Well, AWS and China in the same sentence means troubles.. :zipper_mouth:

Here’s a good article to read about the potential issues, and explanations, one may encounter trying to do some AWS in China..


First, your approach should be to know if the data from this Chinese location have to remain in China, or has legal obligations to comply with some chinese laws. If none, then you’re almost saved.

Otherwise the problems just start, and you could find out that, in the end, storing data to some local chinese Cloud provider (as alibaba) would be far less complex than trying to use a non-chinese Cloud provider (as AWS). This is only my single opinion.