Any Details on 3dfs solution and object storage?

  • 8 April 2021
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Hi all,


I’m looking more information on 3dfs and object storage. commvault document doesn’t seems to be sufficient on this. Any link or video or article reference will be helpful. 


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7 replies

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Hi @Karamveer Singh 

Thanks for the question and welcome to the Community!

Take a look at these links and let me know if these help or if you’re looking for more info:
Getting Started with 3DFS




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Is there any other link available except the documentations. I need to little deep drive into 3dfs

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@Karamveer Singh , I can definitely see what we have available.  Is there anything specific you’re looking for, or a specific focus on 3dfs?  It will help me find the right people.

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I am attaching a document that shows how to install and configure NFS ObjectStore. This is an old document and the installation is much easier now using Command Center. We are in the process of writing an updated document, but it will take a little more time. As for 3dfs, I think there is a similar document in the works for that too. We’ll post them here when they are ready.

Bill Katcher (Developer at Commvault)


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You’re awesome, thanks @Bill Katcher !!

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@Karamveer Singh 

There is now an updated article that explains how to create an ObjectStore using the Command Center. It is in the Technical Blogs and Articles section and can be found here.


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Thanks, @Bill Katcher !  I moved the Best Answer to your new reply.