Anyone using SMB for mountpaths on Linux media agents?

  • 28 September 2021
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  We have an environment that was originally set up with Windows media agents, but as it has grown we have added some Linux media agents as Data Movers.  CommVault will let me share the mountpaths with these Linux media agents but it will not let me run a “move mountpath” from a connected CIFS UNC path to a locally-mounted NFS volume on a Linux media agent, so it concerned me that it would let me share them with a Linux media agent if it was mounted as a local path.  That being said, I was wondering if anyone else is successfully accessing mountpaths over SMB/CIFs using Linux media agents?  (SMB path mounted to local directories on the Linux media agents and accessed/shared-to as local paths on the Linux servers, i.e. \\sancifsservername\mysharename via network path on Windows servers, and mounted to local directory as local device on Linux servers.)

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Hi @Flicker 

If you’ve shared mountpaths to Windows boxes via UNC, and mounted as NFS on your Linux Servers, than it would be the storage managing the permissions/presentations OR the OS leveraging SAMBA to present the CIFS shares as NFS.

Commvault will leverage the Operating system to interact and so long as the OS can handle that, it will have no impact on CV.

We would however, usually recommend leveraging DataServerIP when shared between multiple different OS’ to help with simpliying the implementation (this might be one of very few scenarios where we’re all for it too!)


As you mentioned though, we cannot perform the ‘Move Mount Path’ operation from any remote path to a local path. And as a UNC path is a remote location but an NFS path is considered a local path (as its mounted to the OS) than we cannot perform the move.
If the backend storage supports it however, you could potentially mount the SMB share as a local path to your Windows MA and perform the move mountpath this way.


Hope this helps clear it up.


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Hello @jgeorges ,

  Oh really?  Unfortunately, with the Unity storage arrays I would have to manage a dedicated LDAP server if I wanted to share a volume with both a CIFs share and an NFS export, so I was thinking I would have to do a move mountpath on all of them to get them converted, but if what you’re saying is true then there is really no reason to.  I understand simplifying the installation as it makes it easier on enterprise support, but for my part I was just concerned it might be more related to the ways that CommVault stored the data, but knowing that the reads/writes are just handed off to the OS/System gives me much more information than I was able to get from a support case, so thank you so much Jase!