Application Size vs Total Data to Process Discrepancy

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Hi there!


Could you please explain here why there is discrepancy between Application Size and Total Data to Process in the Job Controller view? My assumption is that there are some leftovers from previous backups, that need to be backed up/to be copied. Or is there any other reason?




Best answer by Josh Perkoff 9 June 2021, 16:17

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Hey @drPhil !

Spoke to some Media Management folks and they confirmed that leftover backups that need to be could is definitely a reason this could happen.

Edit: It was @Josh Perkoff below that I asked, so his answer is naturally a lot better than mine :grin:


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Hello @drPhil This may happen for a couple reasons:

  1. Fragmented data from previous jobs not yet copied (jobs in a partially copied state or marked for recopy)​​​​​​
  2. A large amount of secondary data files or baseline files need to be read out & rehydrated for these jobs
  3. If this is a selective copy, a true-up operation may be in progress