Automatic backup: Oracle archive logs when disk at log destination doesn't work

  • 28 February 2024
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We have a dedicated mountpoint (filesystem) for Oracle archive logs.

We use the schedule pattern every 4 hour and extra start of backups when disk at log destination is above 45%

As a test I fill that archive directory far above 45%. The automatic arch backup didn't start.

Do we miss something?



4 replies

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Thanks for the great question!
Can you please confirm if you are attempting to use Disk Caching?

If so can you please share a screenshot of the configuration for the Disk usage and ill share what i know. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hi Albert,

As a starter… here the settings in the screenshot. Seems straight forward?. (-;


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Is disk-caching required for this “%utilized” function? When setting this up, It doesn't inform me about a requirement



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So here is my take change the

Backup on file activity to 15 minutes. Currently the check if a backup must be performed is set to 4 hours.

I would not recommend to go below 15 minutes. With this setting you will get an archive log backup every 4 hours. Every 15 minutes cvd will test if your disk is 45% (instead of every 4 hours)


The Back up on file activity every setting ensures that the software does not frequently run the job. The software does not check the database threshold settings during this interval. When this interval expires, the software checks to see whether the database qualifies for a backup, based on the log disk usage.