Aux Copy size and throughput summary for a given period

  • 9 November 2021
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Hi Team,


We are in the process of evaluating our recent Aux Copy performance to our DR site as we are scoping for future capacity and bandwidth requirements.


It would be very useful if there was a suitable report to show me the rate of throughput and the amount of data copied in a summary format, similar to what you see when running Job reports and aligning by Storage Policy (as opposed to client).


Surprisingly, I can’t see a summary of the Aux Copy results in any reports.

Although the Aux Copy entry in the report shows the data copied, and the overall throughput it is only for each Aux Copy job.


You can see below in this example, where we have a few days worth of Aux Copies:-



What I really need is a report with a summary line at the top of all data copied and the overall throughput figure.

At the moment, I need to export into CV and then reorganize the fields so I can add things up manually.

There is one other report which might also be of use, which is the Jobs in Storage Policy Copies.

Although this looks ok, I’m not convinced it relates to the actual throughput rates, and its those rates which are important to us.


So …. if anyone is aware of a useful report which will save me the pain of manual totaling up in spreadsheets then please shout up.





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Hi @MountainGoat 

I have been scanning through Commvault Store on Cloud and the best fit report I can see is:

Auxiliary Copy Job Statistics for Last 30 Days

This is a free report and will show status summary per storage policy copy.

There are Data Transferred and Throughput fields, so hopefully this will show what you need.

Let me know if this fits the bill.



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Thanks Stuart,


I actually think I may have seen that report on my travels, but I discarded for reasons I can’t fully remember (maybe it was the 30-days being too large a timeframe).


However, I will revisit and see if it can actually be of use with some manual tweaking.


Thanks for the feedback.


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Sounds like a plan, keep us posted!

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OK - I remember now why I overlooked.


I don’t actually think the report works very well.

So although it gives a Throughput figure and Data Transferred, from what I can see its only from the last Aux Copy.


Additionally, there is nice looking bar chart at the top of the report, but that is only really giving Job Counts with regards to the number of jobs completed.


I’ll give an example:-


This is the output from the report.

You’ll notice is only gives 32 lines of output (see green arrow, top right), which correlates to the actual number of SP Copies that we have. So at this point i am suspecting it is only showing one days worth.



The Storage Policy Copy that you can see above, is our main DR Copy of data.

There is no way we have only sent 217 GB’s of data and then only written 6. Again … looks like this may only be one days worth of Aux Copy calculation.


And to confirm this point, when I run and old-school Aux Copy report for this copy … I see this:-



The last Aux Copy completed is identical to what we see on the 30-day Cloud report.

The completed Aux copies (as highlighted below in the green outline) are not in the 30 day report.


So from what I have seen so far, unfortunately the Cloud Report is not working.

Is there anything you can do to fix it?


Secondly, if you can fix it, is there any way it can be tweaked so that we can show a 7-day total?

30 days is a bit overkill, especially if we want to try and highlight trends and more recent performance.


Thanks. Please let me know your thoughts with regards to the above.


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To me, this sounds possibly broken (at least for you).  This report SHOULD give you exactly what you need, but clearly is not doing so now.

Can you open a support case and have this analyzed?  To really see what’s going on, Support will need to look at your database and likely stage and escalate to dev.

Once you do, share the case number so I can track it accordingly.

ps I also want to express how much I appreciate your sanitized screenshots!  Very clear and helpful!

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Yep - I’ll throw a request over to to support.

It definitely has benefits if we can get it working, and I might request a 7-day variation if possible.

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Good thinking.  Can you share the case number here so I can track it accordingly?


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Sharing the incident solution:

Informed customer to download below Auxiliary copy completion report and verify running report for more than 30 days to understand if this meets requirement.
we may use below reports, else copy through put value from Aux copy statistics report and combine on excel.
Tweaking report is not an option since it becomes customization and we are not sure on tables which is required to be added.

Kindly refer below report and let us know.

Library Throughput Trend
Throughput per Media Agent
MediaAgent Performance