Auxiliary Copy - restart schedule

  • 26 August 2022
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Afternoon folks

I have an auxiliary copy that backs up to tape - I have deleted all of the existing jobs on the tape media with the hope of starting the backup chain from scratch. However, since deleting the backup jobs, if I go back to the storage policy and right click on the tape auxiliary copy and view “media not copied” it is blank. I was expecting to see all backup jobs for the backup period that I have selected.

Is it possible for me to “restart the schedule” so to speak without deleting the auxiliary job?




Best answer by Jason Duncan 14 September 2022, 16:57

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This will answer your question.  The MAIN concern is not to delete data from the tapes….just RECOPY the jobs.

The instruction will only work if the SOURCE copy of the data still has the data available for copy.

I hope this helps…



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Hi @DMackay 

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve followed your instructions but unfortunately the “Re-Copy” option is greyed out? Any ideas?



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@KevinDodd Are you looking at the Aux Copy or Primary/Source side?  

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Kevin,  you may need to view jobs for the storage policy aux copy-copy, and choose the advanced option to show jobs that will not be copied and Include aged jobs. This will pull the whole list and you can manually select jobs to be copied and re-run the aux copy.  Of course, they would still need to be available on the source.


If the jobs are critical and NOT on the source, if the tape has NOT been overwritten we may have a way of getting it back.  You would need a support ticket to work through either unaging a tape or cataloging, etc.