AWS S3 Configuration for cloud library

  • 13 June 2022
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We plan to enable WORM on current cloud library with below link, found we didn’t enable “object lockt” when we created S3


Q1, How to verify below permission on S3, couldn’t find related document.


Verify that the PutObjectRetention permission is assigned to the bucket along with the other permissions needed to configure Amazon S3


Q2,  “Disable Default retention when Object Lock is enabled.” 

How to do it? anyone could share document to create S3 step by step?


Q3, We enabled DDB on currently tape library, how to migrate backup image to new cloud library?


Q4, currently we configured one cloud library, one mount path for one S3 What is best practice? shall we create more S3 bucekt? 


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  1. Verifying permissions are correct is something you or your Cloud Team would need to validate in the Cloud Vendor’s management interface for the service account\role -
  2. Default Retention is also part of the Cloud Vendor-side configureation -
  3. You can setup a regular aux copy using the tape copy as the source copy to migrate all data from the tape copy to the new cloud copy -
  4. Simply, there is no “Best Practice” for the number of mount paths\buckets. This is completely based on the needs\design of your company.