Azure CloudLib Data Written does not match Dedupe statistics

  • 26 February 2021
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I have a CloudLibrariy in Azure configured with three Cool Blobs. (three mount paths). Commvault reports Application Size 30TB and Data on Disk 50TB. 

In Azure the disks reports to be filled with 12TB. 

We have verified that WORM is disabled on the volumes in Azure. It seems that Commvault messes up the statistics for some reason. 

Have anyone seen this before on Azure CloudLibs? 



Best answer by Prasad Nara 26 February 2021, 17:54

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@Patrik , thanks for the post!  Curious, do you have any sort of archiving on the Azure side?  If CV thinks it has written data to a library, but the data is moved to another location on the Azure side, we wouldn’t know any different.

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Please check if volume size updates for cloud library is enabled in Control Panel → MediaManagement

Process volume size updates for cloud mount paths

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Thanks Prasad, turned out that this setting was set to 0 (disable). We changed it to default 1 (enable) and after the 90 min interval the numbers are now updated to correct values. 

I’m pretty sure we did not change this setting but this is a large global Commcell and some other administrator could have changed this at some point for some reason. 

When would you disable this and why? Just want to make sure we don’t mess up something when we enable this. 


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It was not enabled on upgraded setups from v11 SP12 or below. The default value used to be disabled prior to SP13 and made it default enabled from SP13 onward for only new installations. It should be enabled manually on the upgraded setups.