Azure Data Box 5 Tib limits and support for large file shares

  • 19 June 2023
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Hi Folks 

I’ve hit a problem in seeding data to azure using a Databox

Copy had been created and DDB is ready to be shipped also. 


I’ve followed this procedure:

this has also helped:


I’m on step 4 “Once the jobs associated with the initial seeding is complete, shutdown the data box using the recommended shut down process for Azure Data Box.”


Running the validation  i get this error: - Large file shares are not enabled on your storage account(s). To disregard this error

The CV_Magnetic is 36TB an so easily hits the 5TB limits stipulated here: under “Object size limits and Azure Files”

So the only think i can do is drop the storage to LRS and enable large file format. - First Question is this the resolution or should i handle this in another way?

Second question - As the customer wants RA-GRS for redundancy so after converting databox to cloud library seed would i need to do another Cloud to Cloud copy here to get the baseline data out of the LRS storage?  

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

1 reply

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Good afternoon.  Have you reached out to Microsoft about this issue?  They could probably shed a bit more light on what the error refers to.  Step four is to shut down the box, if it is failing a validation, they would know why.