Balance a DDB

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A single partition DDB outgrew its SSD

The simple solution was to

  1. add a spare SSD
  2. and partition the DDB - to now have two active partition

This has resulted the second ‘empty’ DDB growing a little, but the original partition has remained almost full (due to some infinite retention clients)


Is there any way to ‘re-balance’ the DDB’s

I could perform a full reconstruction (from disk, not from a DDB backup) - That's going to take 2-3 days to complete

I wondered whether there was a ‘hidden feature’ or a workflow that could dynamically ‘equally balance’ the space used by the DDB - to be equal across both SSDs


Many Thanks





Best answer by Mike Struening 7 June 2021, 22:08

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Hey @YYZ !  As you are seeing, it will take a LONG time for the balance to occur since the VAST majority of your primary blocks already exist in the one partition.

To truly balance, seal the store (mind that you’ll need to account for another baseline until the old prunes off).

This will cause the signatures to split to each store as evenly as possible.

Here’s some extra info:

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Hi Mike

Thanks -

I think I’ll go for a full reconstruction (with backups off line for 2-3 days)


For this specific backup system, it likely more affordable to put in a 4TB NvME PCie SSD

(and run both partitions off the one SSD) - Downtime will be measured in the 2-4 hours for the DDB to move

Sealing the DDB wont be possible - This system is border line when it comes to free MAGLIB space

Thanks for the quick response





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If moving is an option, that will definitely cut the time down :sunglasses: