Cloud Library (S3) - Best Practice

  • 14 January 2024
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Evening folks,

I am after some advise/best practice info if possible (happy to be linked to any documentation!)

What is best practice when using multiple cloud libraries (AWS S3) - is it better to an individual cloud library per S3 bucket (which also means multiple DDBs!!) or is it best to have a single cloud library with multiple mount paths to each S3 bucket within said library (which I believe will leave you with a single DDB?)

Many thanks in advance!

3 replies

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Hey @KevinDodd,

What is the reason behind having multiple buckets for your library or multiple libraries?

Is there a requirement to split up the data? different sites etc. ?

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your question!

What are you trying to achieve with the multiple AWS Cloud Libraries?

With this I will be able to better answer your question and provide my recommendations.

Kind regards,
Scott Henderson
Media Management - Technical Team Lead (APAC)

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@KevinDodd in the past the best practice from AWS was to use multiple buckets, however AWS improved their S3 offering and nowadays there is no need to create multiple bucket as mount points for a cloud library to get the best possible performance.