Cloud storage adding and troubleshooting

  • 26 January 2021
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Hi there,

I am trying to add a new cloud storage (S3 compatible), however I am unable to do so. Moreover, I don’t see any asociated log files. I only see this error message:

“Failed to verify the device from MediaAgent [xxxxxx] with the error [Failed to check cloud server status, error = [[Cloud] The server failed to do the verification. Error = 44037]]. “


My question is: Which logs should I add to Logging setting? And how to troubleshoot this stuff in general?


PS. As workaround I used this - but it didn’t help.


Thanks for any ideas


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5 replies

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Hey drPhil!

First of all, have you tested cloud connectivity from the media agent you’re creating the library on using the Cloud Test Tool? →

With regards to troubleshooting this - are you adding from the Commcell Console (Java GUI) or Command Center?

If adding from the Commcell Console, check the EvMgrS.log in the CV Log Files folder on the Commserve itself. If adding via the Command Center check out adminConsole.log  - this will help somewhat but you’ll definitely want to check out the following log files on the media agent where you are adding the library to:


These logs should get you started at least :smiley: 

Let me know how you get on!

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One other thing to try, if your S3 compatible target does not have a valid SSL certificate, it will fail. You can ignore unsigned/invalid certificates using this additional setting:

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Hi all,


Edd, thank you for your advice! It helped me to solve the issue.

Firstly, I have tested cloud connectivity - everything worked. Next, I was digging in the logs why it is not possible to add new cloud library. On the media agent there were error messages in the logs (cvd.log and  CloudActivity-cvd.log):


GetRootFolderStatus() - Error: Error = 44037
CVRFAMZS3::SendRequest() - Error: Error = 44037


To overcome these errors I had to use user account with sufficient rights to cloud storage and mainly to use http protocol - it means to Service host field type: http://IP_adress of the cloud storage.


Damian, thanks for advice as well, ignoring unsigned certificate workaround I did as well, however it didnt seem to have any effect.





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What does the below error indicate ?

2376  3844  10/20 06:37:15 3039303 [cvd] retryable error [44110], retry = 2, sleep for 4 second(s)
2376  41b8  10/20 06:37:18 ####### [cvd] CURL error, CURLcode= 56, Failure when receiving data from the peer
2376  41b8  10/20 06:37:18 3039303 [cvd] Curl Error: 56, PUT
2376  41b8  10/20 06:37:18 3039303 [cvd] retryable error [44110], retry = 8, sleep for 10 second(s)
2376  25a8  10/20 06:37:20 3039303 [cvd] CloseFile() - failed to send the content for SYFMML_Folder1/CV_MAGNETIC/V_1491728/CHUNK_24590991/CHUNK_META_DATA_24590991, error: Error = 44110


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@gary mcneely , lots of possibilities.  What job is running and giving this error (Job ID 3039303)?