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  • 17 June 2022
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Aux Copy was going well, but suddenly it didn't work


Hitachi storage status ok.


Any advice please





Best answer by Onno van den Berg 17 June 2022, 07:18

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Hi @chris_ahn,

Is this a newly created aux copy? When was the last time the aux copy was successful? Forgive me if you have already done this but can you please check the media agent readiness? In the Commcell go to the media agent svbk01w2, go to All Tasks, Check Readiness. If the check readiness is not successful the media agent services may need to be restarted.  If this doesn’t work I would recommend you open a case with Commvault Support to further investigate.

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@chris_ahn what about those tenant under soft quota messages on your Hitachi storage? 


I t.b.h. think you are actually running into an issue on the storage side like for example a quota limit or QoS threshold that is resulting in a HTTP errors that is not fully compatible with the Amazon S3 standard causing Commvault to run into this error message. Reason why I think this has to be the case is that it based on your feedback was working well. This means Commvault is functionally working but all of a sudden runs into a media read issue. 

Are you b.t.w. running the latest Commvault version and latest version on the Hitachi side? As for Hitachi side looks like you are running an ancient version (v9.2.1 → 2020). Mind you the S3 protocol and the implementation of vendors is under ongoing development to make sure they keep aligned with Amazon S3 standards and in addition most vendors are still optimizing their implementations →

So its definitely word enabling debug logging and see what HTTP error you are encountering. Might be that it already revels the root cause and if not than I would open a ticket at Hitachi first. 

PS: There are tools available like snipit that allow you to create a print screen ;-) Saves you the hassle of taking pictures via a phone.