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  • 18 August 2021
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Is there someone that can interpret and let me know my assumption on the switches in the below command to are.
-j = jobId
-i = Deduplication Partition
-c = ??
-in = CV Instance
-cn = Client
-group = ??

“C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base\SIDB2.exe -j 0 -i 74 -c 178 -in Instance001 -cn client-server 1 -group 0”

Also, if anyone know why the above doesen’t have a JobId, or rather why it’s 0. Is it just an internal thing to the SIDB2 process?
I’ve seen the command have -j 0 as well as a -j xyz jobId that is searchable.





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Hey @Henke , thanks for the post!

Some of them are detailed here:

I’ll get some more information and confirm we have it documented for posterity as well as answering for you here :sunglasses:

Options Descriptions
-compact The keyword to reduce the size of the DDB.
-in The instance of the software that uses the tool.
-cn The client name of the MediaAgent that hosts the DDB.
-i The ID of the DDB.

You can view the ID can be viewed from the Deduplication Engines node in the CommCell Browser.


-split The partition number of the DDB. You can view the split number by accessing the path of the DDB.

For example, in the following location, the split number is 01.

E:\<DDB Folder>\CV_SIDB\2\86\Split 01

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Hi Henke,

For pruning requests we will not send JID in the command line , that is the reason for 0. can I please know if you are looking  for a particular command line operation for SIDB2? May be will get you that.


“C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore\Base\SIDB2.exe -j 0 -i 74 -c 178 -in Instance001 -cn client-server 1 -group 0”





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@Ssripada thanks for the explanation. This was mostly a general question as I am trying to understand the performancemetrics logfile and it’s content.