Configuring Replication for Cloud Storage Library

  • 8 March 2022
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Hello All,

I have to replicate the S3 cloud library (backed up data) to another S3 bucket in different region which can be achieved by Configuring Replication for Cloud Storage ( Although I need a clarity on how it works.

Step 1: As per my understanding I have to create two buckets with versioning enabled on it and I should configure two cloud libraries accessible by each media agent specific to the region where S3 is hosted.

Step 2: We need to request the AWS admins to use the native replication to copy the backed up data to new S3. Post copy, we can use another media agent to read and restore the data using commvault.

Am I correct with my understanding?

Also documentation says an additional information :

  • For Amazon S3 replication, enable versioning in both the source and destination buckets in Amazon S3.

    Commvault only uses the current version of an object. Hence, when Commvault sends a delete request to the source bucket, Amazon S3 adds a delete marker to the object's version ID. A lifecycle rule must be setup to clean up previous versions from the source bucket. For more information about Amazon S3 replication, see

What does that mean setup a life cycle rule to clean up previous versions from source bucket? What should be the frequency of this clean up?

Also is it possible to use this replication on WORM mode cloud storage as well?




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3 replies

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@Ananth , you are correct on your assumption on steps 1 and 2.  

I’ll speak to some internal folks to get a better answer regarding the lifecycle rules, frequency, as well as WORM options.

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Hello @Mike Struening - You got any updates on lifecycle rules, frequency, as well as WORM options.

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I believe you have your answers here:

Can you confirm?