Copy backup data from tape library to Cloud Library (Cloudian)

  • 6 September 2022
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We have a storage policy with aux copies that was sending disk backups to a tape library. The library in question that contained all these tapes has been decommissioned. A new library was stood up and all tapes were put into this new tape library. However the aux copy that represents this data belonged to a different media server and physical library. We are trying to figure out how to take the data sent to the AUX copy in the old storage policy and move it to a new Cloudian array that has been configured as a Cloud library.


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5 replies

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@Nixon , that shouldn't matter.  Create a new Aux copy that writes to Cloudian which uses the Tape copy as the source.

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I believe part of the issue is that the aux copy associated with the tape used a different library that no longer exists.

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Hey @Nixon,

Are you getting an error on the auxcopy job? Commvault should be agnostic to the library - it recognizes the barcode on the tape and knows what it is and where it goes. If the copy was deleted then you may be in trouble, but if the copy still exists it should just work. Does the tape show any contents?

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Confirm you can read tapes in New Library

  1. Verify that Commvault can see the tapes in the new library. If not try running a Full Scan, walk away make a coffee, eat a muffin, talk to someone on your way back to your desk, and then check results. You should see the new tapes
  2. Change the data paths in the old tape copy to use the new media agents and library
  3. Test with an out of place restore. (This will confirm that you can now read the tapes.)

Configure New Destination Copy

  1. Create new disk library copy in storage policy, configure the data source as the new tape library.
  2. Run Aux Copy.  You will now see any errors if it fails. One of the most common is that the source and destination media agents cannot see each other.
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@Damian Andre we weren’t getting an error just no jobs showing up. Turns out it was my fault for not checking “show jobs not for copy”. After that I was able to create the new copy and move data. 


@DaveK for 1. Yes a rescan did clear up a bunch of issues.And it seems that missed setting was the real issue. Thanks to the both of you.