Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication vs Creating a Deduplication Enabled Storage Policy Copy

  • 9 May 2021
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Hi guys,

This might seem stupid but I’m a bit confused by these two documents on the Commvault website that talk about deduplicating policy copies. 

If I’m getting the below articles correctly, the difference between; 

Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication

and Creating a Deduplication Enabled Policy Copy

is that the former is created using a Storage Pool (dedup engine exists) whilst for the latter the Deduplication location is not an existing dedup engine (storage pool) but just a local folder on the media agent?


If the latter is correct and I want to use it to deduplicate additional independent copies e.g. Weekly Fulls and Monthly Fulls on independent libraries against the Primary Copy data, is there a  downside to it?

Need some assistance on this.



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@Baba Imani 

The difference here is in performing the actions via command line or via GUI. The first link goes through the options of creating a new Storage Pool and DDB or joining a storage policy copy to an existing pool.

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Gotcha! But there is an option when you are creating a policy copy and you haven’t selected a Storage Pool, and you can select Enable Deduplication and can choose path. That’s the option I’m seeking assistance with. Does Commvault create a flat-file in the selected path to perform Deduplication between the primary and additional copy? Is this method common for Deduplication between copies?

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@Sean Crifasi I finally found the exact requirement I was after and that’s Creating a Selective Copy using a Library and have posted a new thread for that. I have posted a question regarding Enabling Deduplication on a selective using a folder that isn’t tied to DDB