data retentionforecast table in sql database

  • 5 December 2023
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Hi guys,

Could you help me? 

I need to find the data retention forecast table in sql database.


2 replies

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Hello @Caroline Belarmino 

Thanks for the great question, unfortunatly there is not 1 table that holds all of this data.
A report that we have created and allow you to run is a combination of a lot of data and a lot of tables collected and presented in the report.

Is there a specific part of the report you are wanting to know where is in the CSDB?
Happy to assist if you shared further details around what you are attempting to achieve.

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hello Albert, 

Thank for you helping. 

I want to create a dashboard, a view to see better these information about our storage, Is it possible we can see this combination of tables?