DDB Verification Operation failed

  • 22 March 2023
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We have the following environment:

  • Commserve 11.28 on W2K22
  • 3 Physical Media Agents (MA) on W2K22
  • Each physical MA has its own DDB partition disk (D:\) and its own Disk library volume (G:\) → there is no sharing of the disks between the physical MA
  • The DDB has 3 partitions: one on each physical MA
  • One disk library with 3 mounth paths (one per MA) but each MA has its own disk library volume not shared

Backups are going well but we have issues with “DDB Verification” operation.

The error messages are the following:

Error Code: [62:2687] Description: Export / Mount failed for mount path [G:/dl_ssd_aalst/CV_MAGNETIC], 
please check if the mount path is accessible on Data Server [appwbck003]. 
Check the logs for detailed error. 
Source: appwbck002, Process: ScalableDDBVerf

Library [dl_ssd_aalst], MediaAgent [appwbck002], 
Drive Pool [], MountPath[\dl_ssd_aalst]: Mount failed for mount path, please check if the mount path is accessible on Data Server. 
Check the Media Agent logs for detailed error. 
Advice: If the issue persists, please upload log files from CommServe, MediaAgent and Client and cont”


Any advice?




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have you tried running DDB verification without Using Scalable Resource Allocation option?



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Thanks what is the impact of doing that type of DDB verification and how to setup this?

Any links is welcome.



Here the link.


Verification of Deduplicated Data (

Performing a Data Verification Operation on Deduplicated Data (

  • Use Scalable Resource Allocation

    To enhance the scalability of the data verification operation and to optimize the processes of scaling the resources, select this option. For more information, see Scalable Resource Allocation.

    This option is enabled by default.

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Thanks for your answer.

However, after analyzing documentation, log files it seems that the issue could come from the fact that the firewall ports are not opened between the DataServer-IP and the media agents.

See under:

Sharing a Mount Path Using DataServer-IP (

Entering Required Firewall Settings to Configure DataServer-IP (

Ports 2049 & 111 needs to be opened from Dataserver-IP and Media Agents.

What do you think?


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Hi @brucquat 

The reason @Nicola Bonugli is referring to Scalable Resources is due to the fact that this option load balances activities over all the media agents thus expecting a shared mount path between them.

When disabling this option it would prevent this load balancing and could prevent the need for the shared mount path.

If you do however decide to share the mount path, use type regular for Windows Media agents and enter a UNC path. This is the optimal protocol for Windows Media agents. Data server IP is optimal for Linux media agents.