Deduplication requirement for Long term retention copy in Cloud

  • 13 February 2021
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Hi All,

I came across the CommVault documentation, mentioning that deduplication won’t make much impact when I am keep my long retention copy in cloud as tape replacement.

Can anyone share more details about the your own experience or CommVault documentation regarding pros/cons of keep the long term copy in cloud with/without dedup.





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1 reply

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Hey @Manikandn - deduplication absolutely helps for long-term copies. There are considerations depending on the type of storage. Were you looking at a cold tier like glacier or azure archive, or something more along the lines of cool/S3-IA ?


Deduplication is tricky when dealing with archive/cold storage because we can’t granularly age data, so over time you end up accumulating more than expected if you stick with the default settings. But there are ways to mitigate this with clever architecture and periodic sealing of deduplication stores to allow aging. Let me know what type of storage you are considering...


In terms of documentation, check out these whitepapers - they are VERY comprehensive and cover a LOT of detail around architecting for cloud storage and considerations (DOs and DONTs).