• 3 August 2022
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Hi I need your help, in the initial implementation, the customer added a machine running debian 11.00 as MediaAgent, and it is not supported as it only allows to configure HPE-catalyst storage and not the libraries. Therefore the client uninstalled this debian OS from the mediaagent, and now I see that I can not remove the HPE-Catalyst.
At the moment I added the mediaAgent with Ubuntu OS and it manages to see both the disk storage and the libraries.
The error is about WORM media data.


1 reply

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@FeRox , can you clarify on what you are seeing and the error?  Are you seeing a Media Agent listed that no longer exists?  Did you use the same name for the Ubuntu MA?  

Assuming you have a Media Agent showing up that does not exist (and has never written any data) can you right-click and deconfigure, then delete it?

Can you also share the error wording?  I want to be sure I udnerstand the complete picture of your issue.