Deleting Original Data

  • 4 April 2024
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I have a question from our storage administrator that I think I know the answer to but would like to confirm.  Is there a way to backup data and have the original/source data deleted?  

We use Isilon for our storage and we would like to back up the data to a Primary target, but have the original data deleted afterward (I guess the Isilon doesn’t have a native tool to delete large amounts of data).  The only option I know of would be to run a post-process script, but is there any other options that I am unaware of?



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3 replies

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Hello @Brent Atwood 

Thanks for the great question but currently there is no way for Commvault to delete the data once it is protected.
Some agents support archiving and this will leave a stub in the place of the data. For example a file system agent will protect data and leave a stub, a user can then attempt to open the stub and a restore will trigger to bring it back.

I’m not sure if this answer has helped.

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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The File System Agent has the option to delete the file after archiving.

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Thank you!  I forgot about the delete option while using archive!