Do we support Iron Mountain Cloud Storage - Archive Tier?

  • 26 March 2024
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Do we support Iron Cloud  Archive Storage = Secure Offline Storage (S0S)? How is the data recalled? BOL lists Iron Mountain under supported Cloud Storage, but doesn't have any detail on supported tiers, such as SoS.


2 replies

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Hello @Mark DeHoff 

Thanks for the great question!
Looking Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage it seems to follow the same logic of Glacier or any other cold cloud storage solution.

Since storing all your data in the cloud can be expensive, Iron Mountain’s Iron Cloud Secure Offline Storage (SOS) provides an ultra-low cost, fully-managed solution that moves your inactive data - about 80 percent of the data within your organization - offline and offsite so you can reduce risk, improve security and optimize storage costs.

With that in mind we support cold storage solutions but we have a workflow that is used to recall the data and iron Mountain is not listed as a supported storage target:

I would recommend opening a line of conversation with the accounts team around this questions as they might be able to get this to Dev to get to work with Iron Cloud if this workflow is our only barrier.

Sorry that i didnt get you the exact answer you were looking for but i hope this helps. 

Kind regards
Albert Williams


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@Mark DeHoff can you pls Contact Customer Support and have a CMR created. We will have it addressed in a later service pack.