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  • 18 November 2021
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We are currently preforming a DR backups to On-Prem (multiple locations) and CV cloud. As viewed in it appears that we are limited to only 5 iterations of the CV DBs. In “DR backup” options we have 20 set, but that seems to only be On-Prem


> Is there a way to expand the amount of CV cloud backups retained? 


Best answer by Stuart Painter 18 November 2021, 14:25

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5 replies

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Hi @Kevin O'Neill 

Thanks for the question!

Commvault Cloud retention is set at 5 DR backups, with a retention of 90 days.

Configuring Automatic Uploads of Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups to Commvault Cloud Services Portal


  • DR backups are uploaded and stored in Microsoft Azure, directly from your CommServe.

  • 5 DR backup copy, with the latest Differential copy (if any), is retained in the cloud for 90 days.


So, while Commvault Cloud retention is limited to 5 copies, you could also configure your own cloud library as a DR Backup destination and then the number of DR backups to be retained would be achieved.

Configuring a Cloud Library as the Export Destination for Disaster Recovery (DR) Backups



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...and make sure your copy to the Cloud is not using deduplication :wink:  (or to any location)

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Thank you for the responses. So if I understand correctly we cannot change the number of retained DR backups in CV cloud storage as there is a hard limit of 5? Is this correct?


Additionally, we are in the process of looking into further cloud solutions.  

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So far, @Kevin O'Neill , this is the level of service provided by Commvault to store your DR backups.

But as explained by @Stuart Painter , you can create multiple copies of your DR backups to any of your Cloud providers, with the retention that you wish.

The retention offered by the DR upload of Commvault Cloud services portal is something managed completely independently of your CommServeDR Storage Policy. And yes it’s free, so limited :smile:

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Great information. I have a better understanding now. Thank you all for the information!!