Drives in the tape library went offline

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi there,


could you please help me what to do if all drives within the tape library went offline? The offline reason seems to be very strange:


[Cannot communicate with Media Mount Manager Service.
Please ensure that.
a. The MediaAgent is reachable from CommServe.
b. All MediaAgent services are running.]


A - Checked that MA is reachable

B - Checked that all services are running


What can help us to make drives online? Also verified in Windows device manager that drives are present and visible.


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3 replies

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You did a thorough job of going through all of the options.

First question is, did anything change since it worked?  Any network maintenance or firewalls added/modified?  Antivirus enabled on the MA?

I would say the quickest workaround is to cycle the MA services and monitor the CVD log when it comes back up (CVMA as well, and MediaManager on the Commserve).

You could also try resetting the library but the error indicates a services issue, not a library issue:

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Thanks @Mike Struening for a piece of advice. In our case we have decided to switch all related jobs/policies to the new library, so the old tape library with offline drives will not be more in use. Maybe, we could have deconfigured/configured drives in Expert Storage Configuration to bring them online.


Just small question, can resetting the library change configuration on the library itself or in Commvault environment?

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Nah, resetting the library is more like resetting your Playstation; it just resets the status, unmounts the tapes, etc.:

The reset library operation un-mounts the media mounted in all the drives, and resets the drives so that they are ready for use. The reset library option is useful when you have tapes stuck in the drives.

Note that the reset library operation will fail if there are jobs running on the library.

It doesn’t change any of the actual configuration parameters or anythinbg.