Enable horizontal scaling of DDB

  • 21 November 2022
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one Question for Enable horizontal scaling of DDB.

Did I need the Baseline Space on the Storage after activation or did he convert the old DDB?



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3 replies

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Good morning. For clarity,  can you please confirm if your question is as to what happens when you enable Horizontal Scaling?  Nothing will change, new clients will be created to the new DDB.  Does that answer your question?

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yes the question is what happens when i enable Horizontal Scaling?

I dont create a new DDB, i have four existing v5 DDBs and want know if i need the Basline Freespace?

Two DDBs are on the same Storage and we dont have the Space for two Baselines.


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Hello Patrick,

When Horizontal scaling is enabled on a existing DDB it will have broken into 4 parts. 

1- VM

2- Database

3- File System

4- Original

Any new clients/subclient that are associated to the DDB will use either 1-2-3 and all of the original clients will use 4. This behaviour removes the need of a re-baseline but stops you from getting the performance benefits of horizontal scaling DDB immediately. It was done this way to reduce impact on unsuspecting environments who like to tick boxes :D


If you were to then seal this DDB and force a re-baseline you would find only the 3 partitions created and all clients will be separated into their respective corners of the DDB. 


I hope this answers your question