Error Code 13:187 Some jobs skkiped during an Aux Copy

  • 10 August 2021
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We´re creating an Aux Copy for all existing backup jobs from a particular storage policy, during the process we faced the following error message:

Error Code: 13:187

Description: Some backup jobs are skipped because they are aged on destination copy or marked do not copy.

Source: commserve, Process JobManager.


The Aux Copy was  configured to take all existing jobs from the primery and only was able to run and move 10% of the total data on the primary copy and skiiped the rest, any idea how move the skipped jobs??






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3 replies

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Is the retention on the secondary copy less than some of the backups that would get copied?    Over simplified example (just so i dont need to take cycles into consideration): if you try to aux copy jobs from 90 days ago, and the retention is 30 days on secondary, there is no reason to copy it because it would immediately age.  

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Hi MFasulo.


Yes the original copy (Primary) belongs to an older library which is about to me replaced, for some business reason the backup operator has changed the aged jobs and configured manually to extend their retention. So now the Aux copy should carry both cases the jobs following the regular retention rules and jobs with extended retention. This is because as soon as the Aux copy is carring 100% of backup jobs it will be reconfigured to run as primary .


Any ideas or suggestions onhow to avaoid lossing the data?



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Hey @JoseRamon - you can disable this behavior:


But what Commvault is telling you, is that the jobs will instantly age once they are copied over - that's why its choosing not to copy them. Your destination retention needs to be higher than the source.

Alternatively, you could configure yet another new copy to the new library with infinite or longer retention and copy these old jobs over to that until they age - you can manually pick the ones you want to copy.