Error Code : Error Code: [62:2855] Description: Error occurred in Disk Media

  • 14 October 2022
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Hi ,Please help me whare is the problem , & how can I solve?


Error Code: [62:2855] Description: Error occurred in Disk Media, Path [Test_cat\UE3QA4_10.14.2022_15.56\CV_MAGNETIC\V_1] [-1451 OSCLT_ERR_MAXIMUM_DEVICE_LOCKS]. For more help, please call your vendor's support hotline. Source: CDBL-CS-MA, Process: cv


6 replies

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Have you tried looking on your Storage end, any issues?

  1. OS event logs check there at time of job failure also
  2. Feels like something on the backend preventing writes to the disk

are you on 11.28?

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I have solved the problem. It is the issue on StoreOnce .

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Glad to hear you fixed it, @Shaikh Abu Faisal !

Can you share what the detailed cause and fix were?  I can then mark your reply as the Best Answer.


Hi Shaikh,

What exactly was the problem with the StoreOnce?  We’re seeing a similar issue. 

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Hi, All

i know this was last updated a while ago but does anyone have more details on what the problem was? we are seeing the same issue so any insight into the cause would be useful 

Thanks in advance

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Hi, could you please share the solution to this error? Thanks