Expire uncompleted "To Be Copied" - Selective Copy - First Full of the Year

  • 22 February 2023
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I’d like to create a single beginning of year (Jan 2023)  selective copy (to Tape)

Settings are Selective : Yearly Full, First Full of the Year

What I’d ideally like to achieve is to capture only those Full backups that took place in the first 2 weeks of the new year - which is ‘easy’ to do.


What happens though is:

If some ‘new data’ or new subclient is created and it obtains a first full in say February 2023, that data will ‘wait’ until it can be written to tape

But no physical Tape will be made available until Jan 2024

(eg 10 Tapes are put in on 1 January 2023 , 10 Tapes are removed 31 Jan 2023, and no further Tapes will be inserted until 1 Jan 2024)


What I’d like to do is:

  1. If There are AUx Copies waiting (specific to Storage Policy and Storage Policy Copy), if the Aux has been waiting for more than (say) 60 days, is change the job to ‘DO NOT COPY
    1. That is ‘almost’ have an expiry data on waiting copies for Aux to Tape 
  2. or an option that the ‘First Full of the Year’ has a validity period of only the first 3 weeks of the year

Does such a thing exist hidden in the product



3 replies

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There are few ways to work around to meet your requirements in the order of most to least effective way. 

  1. Use the Backup period instead of “All backups” options.
  2. Manually disable the copy at the end of January month once the AUX copy completed.
  3.  Use “Do not Automatically select jobs and pick jobs manually to Aux copy. 


Venu Kondabhathini 

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Venu - Thanks For the comprehensive reply.


Option 1: The Backup period works - but would then need to be manually changed for next year?

I was hoping there was some ‘hidden’ registry setting that enabled an automated function


I’ve had other projects where I have adjusted the backup period to meet a ‘unique’ requirement


In an ideal world, it would be great if

  1. The Backup period could have a WIldCard or a RegEx rule
  2. This way it could be JAN 1 ####  to   JAN 15 ####
    1. Where # = the current Year
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I have reviewed our books online and could find any additional settings related to backup period.

Unfortunately, the setting has to be changed manually once a year.



Venu Kondabhathini