Failed to establish connection with the CommServe to get the required parameters

  • 11 July 2023
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My backups seem to get to 70% then stop and sit in a pending state with the following message being displayed in the job controller.

i have confirmed that the media agent and the CommServe can communicate (have run CVPing and CVIPInfo both return success).

have also tried searching on the Error Code 62:468 and get no results for that, at a bit of a loss as to what is going on?


Best answer by Rajiv 12 July 2023, 08:39

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2 replies

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Hello @JamesG 

Could you please check the Index server for these VM’s is able to communicate to the commserve server? Index server details should be in default backup set > Properties > Index server of any of the VM instances that you are backing up in client computers section. 

Please make sure Index server is passing the check readiness, there is ample amount of space on the server, cvping is working vice versa. You can check cvd.log, cvfwd.log on the Index server for more details.


Rajiv Singal

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@JamesG  - Looks like the MA (Jupe) is dropping the connection with the CS and for more details you can review the cvd.log & cvfwd.log.