Health report | exclude sealed DDBs from the DDB Disk Space utilization /strike count

  • 18 January 2022
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Hello team,


I noticed two sealed DDBs have a space warning under DDB disk space Utilization section in webconsole health report.

We have a long term retention for mailbox backup that prevent DDB store from reclaim




I’m looking to see if there is a way to exclude sealed DDB from the DDB disk space utilization /strike count (I have search CV bol but it doesn’t bring any search result)

Or i’ll need to contact support to manually free up sealed ddb space. Do need upload CS DB for CV staging ?


thank you


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7 replies

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Hey @DanC , thanks for the post!

I’m trying to find the report (live) on my end, though I want to check if there’s an optional column for seal status or sealed date.

With that said, you’re only at a warning, you aren’t THAT low yet.  It’s actually saying it doesn’t expect you to EVER be full, so either the projected growth is miniscule, or it’s already sealed.


Hello @DanC , thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

This is being addressed in future feature packs. Sealed DDBs will be excluded from this section of Health report.

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Thank you @Mike and @Jahnavi


We have a long term SP retention for mailbox backup that prevent sealed DDB stores from reclaim.

  • To get space reclaimed, I think i should open a support case to manually purge the references from CS DB right ?
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@Jahnavi , that’s great news!

@DanC , it’s a pretty complex question regarding the space.  If the DDB itself is large, then you likely have many records….and if those are valid, then without deleting jobs/references or lowering retention (same idea).

We can take a look at the Data Retention Forecast and Compliance report and see what jobs are still around using those DDBs, though a support case might be in store.

Worth checking out this thread which covers the process to see which jobs remain and why:

Let me know what you decide (and if you open a case, share the incident number with me here)!

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@Mike Struening, thanks

Let me run data retention report to see what jobs are still around using those ddbs and also  will take a look the thread that you provided and go from there and let you know what my next step



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@DanC , following up on this one, did you find any evidence based on the data retention report?

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@Mike Struening 


DDB store has been removed and we’re good now 


thank you for the assistance