How do I move the location of my Deduplication Database?

  • 8 January 2021
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I’ve been encountering some hardware issue’s on my DDB disk and was wondering if there is a guide on how to move the location of the DDB?


Best answer by Philipp Swoboda 8 January 2021, 10:26

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3 replies

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klick on the Deduplication Engine and say all Tasks and than you have the window to move partitions 
also i have copied you the link for it in here: Moving a Deduplication Database to Another Location (


Hope that helps you a little bit more !

Cheers Philipp 

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Of course, there is! But before you follow the steps on moving the DDB itself, please consider the destination hardware where the DDB will be moved to. The main to look out for is that the destination disk is fast enough to host a DDB. The DDB is a database where performance is highly reliant on the IOPS available on the disk hardware provided to it and thus would perform better on SSD class disks rather than traditional HDDs. 


Refer to hardware requirements here:  


Once you have the appropriate hardware to host the DDB, follow the documented steps below on how to perform the actual move: 

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@Jordan does this help you ? Or did you need more information ? If yes please mark this conversation as solved 


many thanks