How many drives can we configure to one SAN-Attached tape Library.

  • 19 April 2022
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V11.25 SAN-Attached Tape Library

How many drives are supported at one library? We use a big VTL and have no problem to configure 500 and more to one tape lib. Now we have unclear failures and I want to check in general if we have reached a hard coded limit. We work with 600 and more drives.

I looked up but cannot find anything about limits.

Can you help?



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Hi @Joerg 

There’s no drive limitation for VTLs that I am aware of in Commvault. As long as the HW supports that many devices and Media Agent associated with the Library and drives can access the hardware then you should be able to add however many drives are supported by the storage/OS.

Make sure your VTL is on the compatibility matrix here -

And what kinds of errors are you seeing with the VTL?

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Hi Matt,

we had/have a critical case . Details under 220414-309. We are now in RCA. One point, max number of drives/lib, I was not able to answer. We still do not know why we had double entries in Commvault but this is part of the incident. Glad to hear  that the number of devices will not cause trouble here.


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Yes, I looked at your case and it looks like there was some Commserve DB issue where drives had been duplicated in the DB causing queries to fail. I don’t think this is related to the number of drives, but definitely check with the assigned engineer on that case to try determine an RCA from the Dev team

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Sharing case solution:


Provided link to file with the dangling drive IDs
The drives that are still present in the database are dangling drives.
We can use the same script to remove dangling drives.

Qscript -f DeleteInvalidDrives.sqle -i "InputFilePath" AuthCode <authcode>

Post removing and verifying the dangling drives have been removed from the CSDB follow the below steps.
If it is intended that the MA detects these 6 drives, confirm all zoning is correct and OS detects these drives via OS Device Manager.
Can then do the following:
Install MA on <MA name>
Confirm library remains Online and functioning properly prior to any new detect/config. (ie: can run Drive Val from existing MA)
From MA <ma name>, provide output of ScanScsiTool (can direct output to file).
If all is good and library is Online
Configure this new drive pool for MA <MA name> within this existing library instance (instance name).
Confirm configuration success and library Online. Can always deconfigure the new drive pool if any issue hit again.