How to Move Client from old MA and library to New MA and Library

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi Team,


We have one requirement. We are planning to remove Old MA and Library and we are planning to configure New MA and  New Library.

Is it possible to move all client data from Old configuration to new configuration?


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3 replies

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Good Morning @Tyson Storage Team 

Thanks for the great question! I am assuming you are looking to decommission the old MA and the old Library.


Start by setting up the new Media agent and all the required software. 

Once that is configured you will need to run a move mount path from the old to the new. Please note to do this quickly giving one server access to both the old and the new library will be best.


After doing this you will still have your old and new MA present and the data is all on the new library.

From here you will need to move the DDB and other items depending on what other jobs you have your old MA doing. The following goes over the rest of the steps:

All of the above is very generic and you may have other environmental factors that come into play so please take it all as a grain of salt. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams



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Alternatively, you can use this approach:

1)  Setup the new MA and Library
2)  Add this new library as an Aux Copy on the Storage Policy
3)  Aux Copy the data from the existing library to this new library
4)  Promote the new library to become the new Primary copy
5)  Disable/delete the old MA and Library


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Hello @Scott Moseman 

I used to recommend those steps as it would allow you to run jobs without impact and have a clean start but now you can run move mount path and have backup jobs running at the same time so my method has 0 downtime. Depending on the size of the environment doing the extra copy shuffle can be a lot of extra work. This is extra true in the case they have a large number of SP using this one library. 

Either way, both answers will get you over the line and it comes down to preference and what you are comfortable with. 

@Tyson Storage Team  If either of our answers are too much i would recommend working with Commvault PS and they can do all the steps and document it all for you as well. 

Please advise if you have any further question's and if not please mark the forum post as answered. 

Kind regards

Albert Williams