how to RELABEL SCRATCH tapes in VTL

  • 15 September 2021
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Hello All,

I am from TSM background and when VTL was introduced in TSM, the scratch tapes were not automatically deleted in VTL. Later, RELABELSCRATCH parameter was introduced and it allows to automatically relabel volumes when they are returned to scratch. I remember that specific settings we have do in Backup Exec and HP data Protector  backup software too.

→ I want to know whether any similar setting is there in Commvault?

More details as per TSM perspective → 

Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) maintain volume space allocation after Tivoli Storage Manager has deleted a volume and returned it to a scratch state. The VTL has no knowledge that the volume was deleted and it keeps the full size of the volume allocate. This can be extremely large depending on the devices being emulated. As a result of multiple volumes that return to scratch, the VTL can maintain their allocation size and run out of storage space.


Relabel processing on the Tivoli Storage Manager server are started for libraries (VTLs) when the relabelscratch option is set and a volume within the library has been returned to the scratch pool. The process relabels the volume with the same label it originally had. The write activity to the volume from this relabel process enables the VTL to allow Tivoli Storage Manager to access this volume again when needed as a new scratch volume. The relabel process only processes one volume. If numerous VTL volumes are returned to the scratch pool at the same time a process will be started for each volume to perform the needed relabels.

Note: There is a bug in the Tivoli Storage Manager server 5.5.1 level that results in ANR8808E and ANR8947W messages being issued when multiple relabels run at the same time. This issue is addressed in APAR IC58862 and is fixed in the 5.5.2 and above server levels.


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Hi @Amit , thanks for the post!

Not so much a setting, but there is a method to accomplish this.

1 - Right click on the VTL Library and select Erase Spare Media. 2 - Under the Job Initiation tab select Schedule and set it as needed.

This way you can schedule this to happen daily, or weekly depending on your needs.