How to retire a DDB?

  • 14 March 2022
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Hi all


If I can just confirm something that I think makes sense.
In my case, I have a Media Agent that only backed itself up and hosted it’s own DDB.

This client no longer backs itself up. It’s retentions have all been met and no data resides on the Storage Policy or the DDB.

I want to remove the alert in the Command Centre that notifies me the DDB isn’t being backed up.

If I understand correctly, I just do the below in this order:


  1. Retire DDB using the ddb_sealing.xml
  2. Delete Storage Policy
  3. Delete Media Agent and associated Library?





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3 replies

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Good morning.  You should not have to do anything such as retiring the DDB unless you removed the storage policies from the CommServe after sealing.  Once all jobs in all of the storage policy copies are aged or deleted and data aging is run, the sealed DDB should disappear.  Have you deleted storage policy copies since sealing the DDB?

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Hey @Mauro 

You can seal the DDB and this should address the alerts, as we don’t protect a sealed DDB.

However if you want to retire the Storage Policy and Media Agent / Library, than you’re steps are spot on. A couple of important notes:

  • ​​​​Ensure all data in the Storage Policy is Aged and Pruned.
  • Ensure the Media Agent is not responsible for any other roles (Indexing Server, Content Indexing Node, Proxy MA etc)
  • Ensure the library is not used for any other backups/deduplication databases before attempting to delete.

One note, you don’t require the XML to seal the DDB. You can do this from the GUI by righ clicking the DDB Policy > All Tasks > Seal Deduplication Database.



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Hi all


Thanks for the responses.
The MA definitely only ran it’s own backups. It was a standalone that backed up its local SQL DB and File System. Retention was 30 days, so removing everything (including the DDB) is my best option as I want the Commcell to be cleared of it.