HP MSA 2050 with Commvault

  • 28 April 2024
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Hi Everyone,


We Currently have Commvault commserv (All VMware Environment) targeted to HyperScale appliances. However, HyperScale 1300 is EOL/EOS. We have a spare HP MSA 2050 SAN storage available and require your advise before we configure it as a library.

  1. As HP MSA being an entry level storage, is it recommended to be used as target library even though disk speed are 7k for  HyperScale and HP MSA?
  2. Would there be performance issues as storage needs to mounted to additional server server to be used over 10 gig network as VMware does not have SFPs?
  3. Would configuring backups on HP-MSA give us same dedeuplcation ratio as that of HyperScale appliances ?

1 reply

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  1. We can’t certify all levels of storage given there are thousands of options out there. Sounds like you already know you’re not going to get the best performance out of it. It depends on your business requirements and what you need. Commvault dedupe can make even the slowest of disk storage seem fast for backups since we reduce writes by substantial rate - the real test is read performance, and arguably, that is what matters most when you need to recover from a disaster. So I have no doubt we could read/write to it, but we can’t really tune around slow disk or SAN arrays. If you are going to auxcopy the data somewhere else, that is also where you are likely to run into bottlenecks (especially backup/copy at the same time).
  2. Source side dedupe will help - less data over the write. I’d recommend HotAdd data access nodes (proxies) on the VMware side which should limit data flowing over the 10G.
  3. Same dedupe ratio - the hardware in HSX does not contribute to dedupe ratio, we’ve always done that on the software side.