Implementing S3 combined tiers on AWS

  • 24 November 2021
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Hey all 

We are creating a secondary copy and writing to a combined tier library.  When we create this, do we need 1 bucket or 2?  I only created 1 bucket and specified the combined tiers.  Does an additional bucket get created - or a different folder within the bucket created and that gets changed to Glacier?

We are planning on using S3-IA/Glacier for the 2nd copy.

I guess I just want more specifics on what exactly happens in this process. 




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2 replies

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Hey @Melissa Adams 


When you setup your bucket within AWS, you won’t need to setup any archive tiers or additional buckets. If its going to be an Aux Copy target than setup your S3 Infrequent Access and create your bucket.

From within Commvault, you can select Combined Tiered, enter your Bucket details, and Commvault will manage what data is written to S3 and what data is written to archive tiers. 

For a bit more of a breakdown, we will generally write, where deduplication is being used, Meta Data to S3 and the physical chunks of data to glacier tiers.


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@jgeorges  so Commvault will create the folder structure and assign the correct tier?  I was really just curious on when the archive folders are created because I did create a combined tier library as a test but I’m not writing data to it because I don't want to keep it 90 days :-)