increasing the size of a linux based disk library

  • 16 April 2024
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I have created a disk library in our dev environment which is using it’s own separate volume. 
it will be used for ddb backups. If I want to increase the capacity do I have to add a new volume or can I just resize the underlying volume in linux ?  

5 replies

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Hi @smuv59 ,


If resizining volume in unix does not affect existing data then we can, else recomended to add a new volume.




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I tried resizing the disk yesterday and I didn’t see a way for the extra space to be detected.

i have today received advice that I can stop commvault services on the mediaagent before resizing then start the services again

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yesterday, I recreated the disk library with a larger volume.but that broke the duplication engine.i  had a snapshot so I restored the vm. It’s a development system but I don’t want to break it again.

it should be easier on the other disk library which is using a volume on the windows based mediagent , and which is not using deduplication.

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What method are you using to resize the Linux disk library?


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I have received advice from commvault support that I can stop services on the Linux mediagent and resize the underlying volume, then restart services . However I haven’t tried this. As it has deduplicated storage I am just going to follow the documentation and add a large volume to a new volume group. Then browse to that volume under add storage , and that will increase the capacity.