is it possible that I restrict commvault to use media from designated slots (not to scan/use all library slots)

  • 11 August 2021
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I am running a migration from other vendor to CV.    For a time being, is it possible that I restrict commvault to use media from designated slots (not to scan/use all library slots). Just to avoid conflict as the tape library would be having CV as well as other vendor media.


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Some libraries can be partitioned, see if your library supports this.

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The safest option in a scenario like that is as @DaveK mentioned to partition the library, that way it will be presented as two logical libraries, one would be presented to Commvault, the other to the other vendor, each will see the partitioned library as a separate entity, there would be no chance of either Commvault pulling in a tape from a slot which is in the partition for the other vendor and vice versa. Partitioning is a feature on most modern libraries but is done at the HW level (you need at least 2 drives in the library for this as each partition would need 1 drive), after partitioning the library config would need to be updated in Commvault as it will have fewer slots and drives available, element addresses and library serial numbers can also change with partitioning.

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Thanks @DaveK & @Peter Brooks for responding. Agree to both of you, but seems not to be an option here, cause it may need a library side license and secondly, we need this sharing temporarily (till the time everything not moved to CV)

Here is what I did for now, please correct me if you see any conflict here. There are approx 30 tapes inside. All tape those belongs to other vendor, I marked them bad in CV. Those which will be used by CV are been marked bad from other vendor console.

Now, CV will be using Tape for Aux copy. So, to avoid conflict on control over drive, customer advising to run Aux copy only during the 1st week on every month (Cause this is the time when they are going to restrict Other party not to use Tape Library.)

Do you guys see any issue in this “temporary” approach? And, I hope it should be possible to restrict CV to run Aux Copy on specified week every month?




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Hi there,

Do we have any option to restrict Aux copy to run only during specific days/week (for ex: 1st week on every month) of every month? 

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Hi Anuj,


You can schedule the Aux Copy to be Monthly and specify the day to start on.
See below Screenshot example:


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