Issue with detecting SAS atached Tape Library

  • 27 May 2021
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We have SAS attached TS4300 tape library dedicately assigned to AIX 7.2 LPAR hosted on IBM Power9 host. Installed Atape driver on AIX.

We can take backup and restore it on OS level. But Commvault tools like testinq, ScanScsiTool not able to detect the device.


root> lsdev -Cc tape
rmt0 Available 00-00-00 IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive (SAS)
smc0 Available 00-00-00 IBM 3573 Library Medium Changer (SAS)

root> lsdev -Cc adapter | grep sas
sissas0 Available 00-00 PCIe3 RAID SAS Adapter Quad-port 6Gb x8


testinq gives following error:

root> /opt/commvault/Base> ./detectdevices -add tape
sas0 rmt0.1 5764854988047962203 0 pthru_atape tape
sas0 smc0 5764854988047962206 1 pthru_atape tape

root> /opt/commvault/MediaAgent64> ./testinq /dev/sas0 5764854988047962203 0

devsubtype = '7', 0x37
Error: ioctl SCIOLINQU failed with error 19 (No such device)
Info: version = 2, status_validity = 0x02, scsi_status = 0x00, adapter_status = 0x04, adap_set_flags = 0x00

Is there any specific driver on OS level required to be used by Commvault to detect /dev/sas0 device?




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Hello Keyur,


Thanks for reaching out, I’ve read over your issue. If your running tools like ScanScsiTool and ScsiCmdTool, these tools are solely using the OS to get the information or utilize the tapes drives/tape library. If ScsiScsiTool cannot find it that means the OS did not assign a proper SCSI address to it. There is no special driver or anything needed for these tools to be utilized outside of our software, our software does not require special drivers to discovery or utilize this tape library within this OS. I would suggest reaching out to the vendor of the tape library to see if it does require a special driver for the OS to be able to send SCSI cmds properly to this library. 


Let me know if you have any further questions. 


Thank You